"Creativity is an expression of identity"

About Us

  • 2017

    Business Revivalists

    We are a boutique business, based in the EU region. We believe strongly that creativity is an expression of identity.

  • 2014

    Revive, Reform, Renaissance

    Our team is focused on growth, increase and sustainability in all spheres of society using an empowered people as a key resource. Our approach is to serve individuals, teams and organizations by enabling them to revive past victories, define a tangible vision and fulfill their purpose through strategic planning.

  • 2013

    Founded in 2013

    Our clients range from schools to large enterprises, family businesses and non-profit organizations including churches. We facilitate the unlocking of creativity, embodiment of integrity and reveal excellence. We achieve this within the context of building community, which we like to call family.

Our Skills

Business Model Innovation

Theory U

Organizational Change

Lego® Serious Play®

Our Work


  • Personal Identity
  • Purpose & Destiny
  • Dreams
  • Plan & Action


  • Vision
  • Network
  • Tension
  • Core Values

Strategic Planning

  • Structure
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • Relationships
  • Proposition

Our Partners